Weird Classic Alice stuff happens when I’m bored guys….

These are amazing!


Thought you guys might be interested in seeing some of these behind-the-scenes pictures of Alice’s room from classic-alice!

The typewriter is mine and I’ve been trying to use it in a web series since the very first episode of LBD, but this is the first time I’ve actually gotten it on screen.  I feel like Alice’s writerly ambitions make this the perfect series for it to finally be seen in all it’s vintage glory.

EVERYONE who saw this set loved that typewriter!! A few people tried to buy/steal it.


Considering making some fandom tea blends based off the Classic Alice characters…

What flavors do you guys think best describe our main characters?

and go!

Andrew: classic grey tea with something earthy/oak-y?

Alice: vanilla, peach, lots of caffeine

Cara: cherry rose green tea, or lavender/floral blend?



New Classic Alice Episode “I Could Have Danced All Night” 

Alice Rackham - Kate Hackett -

Andrew Prichard - Tony Noto -

Cara Graves - Elise Cantu -

Ewan McBay - Chris O’Brien -

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Here’s a fun little Easter egg for Classic Alice fans:

In today’s episode of Classic Alice (Ep. 11) we see the wide shot of her living room for the first time. Take a look at the left end table…


See that framed picture? That’s actually a picture of me and my dad at Disneyland from 2005! It used to sit on my desk back when I had an office job. I was pretty sure that it would be too small to see, but even if it was it would be ok because I’m a redhead like Alice. :)

Here’s a closeup of the picture:


(For the Disney fans: This was during the 50th anniversary celebration. I was working in Entertainment Costuming at the time. I still have my golden ears. Disney pride!)

I had fun sneaking myself into the show! I didn’t tell anyone that I did this until after we wrapped, just in case. (Turns out they thought it was great!)




Classic romance scenes improved with a Chipotle burrito

So improvement! Much burrito! Such romantic! Wow.

Well, now I know what I want for dinner!


so….. i tried…..


Art dept would like to thank Hipster Ipsum

(Thanks to said art dept., @orangepenguino @kiwifr00t)

LOL! This is the first time anyone has confused me and my best friend (@kiwifr00t) on social media. Happens all the time irl though! :)


Bloody SebbyBloody SebbyBloody Sebby


Bloody Sebby
Bloody Sebby
Bloody Sebby